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Everybody wants that all the songs in a music album should have an equal level of volume so that the listener must not need to touch the volume knob every time. At the same time, the songs need to have the maximum possible volume so that it should give enough sound in any player or device. So, once your final mix is ready, our mastering engineers assist you in getting it mastered to get it all for you.

Now, at Aby Muzik, the world-class sound quality is possible everywhere. You don't need to come to our studio. While sitting at your home, you can submit your final mix online for mastering. In just 72 hours, you get your mastered copy ready. Our Online Mastering helps you in optimizing your final mix, raising the overall volume, adding clarity and punch and balancing the EQ.

Submit your song/track for Online Mastering by filling up the below form. In case of any query, you can always contact us over the phone on +91-7039000050/60 or you may drop us a mail at

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